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一、Dialogue Completion (15 points)

Directions: There are 15 short incomplete dialogues in this part, each followed by 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the best one to complete the dialogue and mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET.

1. Joanna: Dont you think thats a good match

George: ________It goes well with your scarf,too.

A. No,of course it is. B. Yes,it looks great.

C. No,I don't think so. D. Yes,glad to hear that.


2. Kevin: I am afraid Ive spilt ink over the tablecloth.

Tommy: ________

A. Oh, never mind about that. B. No, not at all.

C. Oh, I never heard of it. D. No, certainly not.


3.Bem: Help yourself to a cigarette.

Carlo: No, thank you. ________

A. Im trying to cut down.        B. I owe you one now.

C. Have you got a light D. Id be glad to.


4. Mark: Can I still get tickets for tonights show?

Linn: ________ Only if somebody cancels.

A. Here you are.   B. That's all righ

C. Im afraid not. D. Which row would you like?


5. Customer: Could you tell me how much this parcel to France is?

Postman: ________ Anything else?

A. Yes, please. B. I am not sure about it.

C. Go ahead.      D. Ill just check for you.


6. May: Tell your brother I hope he soon feels better.

Luis: That's very kind of you. ________

A. I am sorry to hear that.  B. Ill pass it on.

C. How is he?    D. He must have known it.


7. Lucas: Hello, Lucas speaking. May I have a word with June?

Mary: ________ Hang on a moment.

A. She is not in right now.  B. Shall I ask her to ring you back?

C. Ill just see if shes in.  D. Would you like to leave a message?


8. Margret: Would you mind not using my toothpaste?

Allen: Im sorry.________

A. Ill do that.     B. Thank you for asking.

C. Thats fine.      D. I thought you didnt mind.


9. John: Why dont we just go out for a coffee

Steve: ________ Ive promised myself an earIy night.

A. I think its great. B. Its nice of you to ask.

C. No, not really. D. OK, Id love to.


10. Mommy: John, where are the cakes? Dont tell me you ate them all!

John: ________ I couldnt help it.

A. No, I didnt.           B. I dont know who ate them

C. Yes, I did.                    D. No. I cant tell you.


11. Mori: You look so angry. What happened?

Susan: Nothing. Id rather not talk about it.

Mori: Come on. ________

A. Ill just not ask about anything.

B. You need to let off some steam.

C. If I were you, Id be mad, too.

D. Thats easy.


12. Julie: I bought this dress two years ago. Its style went out already.

Jack:Oh, come on, ________

A. you always follow the fashion. B. none of your dresses suits you.

C. as long as it looks good on you. D. you should care about that.


13. Mike:Professor Cuppers class is so boring; I just cant stand itany more!

Susan: ________ Its required.

A. Well, why notjust drop out of it?

B. Why, you can say that again!

C. Well, you might as well get used to it.

D. Why, I couldnt agree more!


14. Speaker A: Dont you play golf ?

Speaker B: ________

A.Yes. No sport interestsme more than golfing.

B. Yes. I have never played golf in my life.

C. No. Only once in a while.

D. Yes. And Ihate to spend much moneyon sports.


15. Clair: Do you feel like eating out?

Jenny: ________ We havent eaten out for ages.

A. Thats a good idea. B. You say it.

C. Yes, I can feel it. D. Right, see you there.


二、 Vocabulary and Structure (20 points)

Directions:There are 40 incomplete sentence in this part. For each sentence there are 4 choices marked A, B,C and D. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. Mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET.

36. Experiments in the photography of moving objects ________ in both the United States and Europe well before1990.

A. have been conducting    B. were conducting

C. had been conducted       D. are conducted


37. Today, people live in a world ________ new technology is taking an increasing proportion in their lives.

A. when        B. where        C. what          D. which


38. Weather________,there will be an open air party with live music here this weekend.

A. permits B. should permit  C. will permit D. permitting


39. When workers are organized in trade unions, employers find it hard to lay them________.

A. off          B. aside         C. out D. down


40. We are sure that________ to do this face to face, he would express himself more easily.

A. were he to try B. would he try

C. was he trying D. if he tries


41. Their different attitudes to the difficulties ________ different results.

A. arrived at    B. led to C. caused by   D. turned out


42. TheATMs enable bank customers to access their money 24 hours a day________ATMs are located.

A. wherever   B. whenever C. however D. whatever


43. If the work________by the end of this month is delayed,the construction company will be heavily fined.

A. is completed                  B. to be completed

C. will have been completed          D. will be completed


44. If you travel through the villages in the small local buses, you will swiftly comeinto close________ with the localpeople.

A. carriage  B. contact C. choice D. circuit


45. Its hard to remember a name when one doesnt have a face to go with ________.

A. him B. it C. her   D. one


46. Scientists estimatethatabout 530,000 objects, too small to detect with radar, ________

theEarth too.

A. being circled  B. are circling

C. are to be circling  D. are being circled


47. In________of speed,safety and price, the hi-railway system is perhaps the worldsmodel railway.

A.terms  B. case C. need  D. search


48.Never before________seen any lady who can play tennis as wellas Maria.

A. had he B. he had  C. has he  D. he has


49.Young people are redefining for themselves ________it means to be a man or a woman.

A.how  B.that C. which  D. what


50.________ is often the sase with anew idea, more conditions should be considered.

A.It  B. Which C. As     D. That


51.The older I get,the more I value friends, yet the________time I have in maintaining old friendship.

A.few B. fewer C. little  D. less


52.A new system of quality control was________ to overcome the shortcomings in the firmproducts.

A.invested B. informed C. introduced  D. instructed


53. Tnis is a demanding taskbut I see it as the real challenge we need to________.

A. face B. solve C. reply  D. detect


54. Silence is required in this area while an important meeting is________.

A. under way B. under control C. in sight D. in danger


55. I must decline it because the conditions you offered are not________.

A. capable B. available C. acceptable D. comfortable


56. It is reported that 30 percent of the world population have no________ to clean drinking  water and healthcare.

A.means B. approach  C. channel  D. access


57. Top graduates from universities are often________ by major intermational companies.

A. chased B. charged C. offered  D. offended


58. Jenny was looking for a seat when, luckily, a man________and left.

A.took up B.got up C. shut up  D. set up


59. Everything comes with a________,that is, theres no such thing as a freelunch inthe world.

A. prize B. price C. retum  D. revenue


60. Just as Professor Scotti often________ it,success is ninety-nine percent mentalattitude.

A. gets B. makes C. puts  D. means


61.The medicine worksmore________ if you drink some hot water after taking it.

A.effectively B. costly C. strongly  D. vividly


62.The climate in London is quite pleasant, the temperature rarely, ifany, ________30.

A.reaches B. reached C. hasreached D. reaching


63.Children ________by their parents are allowed to enter the stadium

A.accompanied   B. having accompanied

C. accompanying   D. to accompany


64. Women often ________ about mens absent mind when they are talking.

A. complete B. compare C. complain  D.  compete


65. Reducing the size of classes in schools is a________aim in the near future.

A. delightful B. dynamic C. deliberate  D.desirable


66. Please________us of any changes in your circumstances when you are away from home.

A. relieve B. inform C. assure  D. remind


67. Theybad little________ but to agree to what he suggested.

A. selection B. election C. decision  D. choice


68. You must do what works for you, not________what works for other people.

A. readily B. certainly C. necessarily  D. instantly


69. She cant speak Spanish so she felt a bit________among a group of LatinAmerican visitors.

A. out of order B. out of date C. out ofplace  D. out of sight


70. He got injured because of his faulty brakes. He ________to see if his brakes were working properly.

A. must check  B. should check

C. must have checked  D. should have checked


71. I need thejob badly,as my money________out by the end of next month.

A. has run B. will run C. will have run  D. will be running


72. True friendship is like health, ________is seldom known till it is lost.

A. the value of which  B. its value

C. the value of it  D. which the value


73. The heavy storm yesterday set the record for the heaviest rainfall________in a single day.

A. to measure B. measured C. measuring   D. having measured


74. Soccer, the most popular ________ever created by man,attracts countless fans worldwide.

A. sport B. event C. match  D. court


75. ________the Smiths have moved away, we can still see them from time to time.

A. As long as B. As far as C. As though     D. Eventhough