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一、Dialogue Completion (15 Points)

Directions: There are 15 short incomplete dialogues in this part, each followed by 4 choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the best one to complete the dialogue and mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET.

1. Speaker A: I want to take part in the school Talent Show.

Speaker B: Thats nice! ______.

Speaker A: Well, I like to sing.

A. Im behind you 100 percent.      B. What would you want to do?

C. Are you sure?         D. Go for it.


2. Mike: Do you mind if I open the door?

Susan: ______. The wind will blow my papers around.

A. Please dont.     B. Just do it.

C. No, go right ahead.   D. Its up to you.


3. Speaker A: I was hoping you would stay on a bit longer.

Speaker B: ______, but I have to get up early tomorrow.

A. I think so     B. I wish I could too

C. Thank you     D. I really have to go.


4. Speaker A: Guess what, mum? I got the scholarship!

Speaker B: ______. Im so pround of you.

A. Well done!     B. I like it.

C. You are kidding!    D. Good luck.


5. Speaker A: Good morning, Mr.Thomas. Dou you have time now?

Speaker B: ______.

Speaker A: I would like to discuss with you about my job.

A. Let me see.     B. Not now.

C. Sure. What is it?    D. How long will it take?


6. Tim: You look unhappy, ______?

Linda: Im having some problems with maths.

A. What do you need    B. Whats new

C. You know what    D. Whats up


7. Speaker A: What a wonderful dinner!

Speaker B: Thank you. ______.

A. I hope you like it.    B. Im glad youre enjoying it.

C. Is everything fine?    D. You are welcome.


8. Marie: Hey, Greg. Lets go to the County Show this weekend.

Greg: ______ I have to do my school project, remember?

A. As you like.     B. Id be glad to.

C. Do we have to?    D. Why not?


9. Dad: Do you want any breakfast?

Emma: ______. Im really hungry.

A. Im not sure     B. Well, if you insist

C. I can go without it    D. Yes, I do


10. John: Im tired. Im having next week off.

Lily: ______. The break will do you good.

A. What happened to you?   B. Are you serious?

C. Thats a good idea.    D. You dont really mean it, do you?


11. Mark: I dont know about you, but Im fed up with this wet weather.

Linda: ______. Im just looking for some sunshine.

A. Me, too      B. Neither do I

C. Who knows?     D. Its Ok


12. Mary: What was the match like?

Lucas: ______, especially when Messi scored in the closing minutes.

A. It made me sleepy   B. It was a joke

C. It was a dull game    D. It was really exciting


13. Speaker A: Could I meet with you to dicuss the preparation?

Speaker B: Good. We could meet on Tuesday or Wednesday. ______?

Speaker A. Tuesday would be good for me.

A. How about you    B. Which day would you prefer

C. Any other suggestions   D. Is it good for you


14. Husband: You arent going out dressed like that, are you?

Wife: ______? I thought I looked really smart.

A.Can you believe it

B.Be nice, Ok

C.How do you think of it

D.Why? Whats wrong with it


15. Josh: Give me your homework so I can copy it.

Ellen: ______ You should do it yourself.

A.Take it.      B.No way!

C.Ill tell you what.      D.What seems to be the problem?


二、Vocabulary and Structure (20 points)

Directions: There are 40 incomplete sentences in this sectionFor each sentence there are 4 choices marked A,B,C and D. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. Mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET.

36.I didnt believe in this treatment before, but after I tried I found that it really ______.

A.worked    B. mattered   C. passed   D. did


37. It is important for a child to share toys in order to ______ good social skills,

A. release   B. invent    C. develop  D. start


38. She refers to me as her closest and dearest friend, ______ we met just two weeks ago.

A. as    B. even if    C. as though   D. even though


39. When you get upset, you should take deep breaths to main a sense of ______.

A. calm   B. humor    C. duty    D. security


40. ______ they have the same name, American and English football are very different.

A. Since   B. Although   C. For    D. Whereas


41. Emily Dickinson did not become popular ______ her death, when much of her writing was discovered.

A. until   B. soon after   C. shortly before  D. up till


42. My ex-boyfriends presence at the party made me ______, so every time he came near, I headed in the other direction.

A. puzzled   B. delighted   C. uncomfortable  D. interested


43. The horse race was so close that we had to watch a playback of the video to ______   the winner.

A. realize   B. announce   C. award    D. determine


44. The animals, highly sensitive to pollution, can ______ monitor of water quality.

A. serve as   B. work for   C. cope with   D. relate


45. The drama school, ______ places to students who can show talent.

A. donates   B. offers    C. lists    D. supplies


46. When my girlfriend told me I had tomato sauce all over my lips, I ______ reached for a napkin.

A. gradually   B. immediately  C. reluctantly   D. skillfully


47. Kay wanted to pull her hair out(发怒) ______ because her busy schedule did not allow time for relaxation.

A. in amusement       B. with excitement

C. in frustration       D. with boredom


48. Transport is not included but can be arranged at your ______.

A. desire   B. request   C. wish   D. demand


49. It is a challenging task, one that should not be taken ______.

A. seriously   B. fully    C. lightly    D. quickly


50. The windows will allow a clear ______ of the beach.

A. look   B. sight    C. vision   D. view


51. More and more people come from rural areas ______ better job opportunities.

A. in charge of  B. in search of  C. in memory of    D. in honor of


52. ______ the damage is done, not even modern surgery can undo it entirely.

A. Though   B. For    C. Once    D. Unless


53. He ______ that I am unqualified for the job, even though he didnt come out and say it directly.

A. claimed   B. implied   C. declared   D. inferred


54. If you continue to eat junk food, youll ______ sick and overweight.

A. give in   B. go on    C. set off    D. end up


55. Hard as they try, these birds have ______ small wings that they can not fly.

A. such   B. so    C. too    D. that


56. Is there a connection between _____ you eat and maintaining good health?

A. that   B. which   C. what    D. whatever


57. Who smokes more, educated people ______ less educated people?

A. and   B. or    C. but    D. as


58. Thanks to the angle ______ he stood, he could see the sunset.

A. at which  B. in which   C. at that   D. in that


59. He doesnt talk too much, but what he says is always ____ the point.

A. for    B. on    C. at    D. to


60. I used to smoke, but I ______ anymore.

A. didnt   B. dont    C. wasnt   D. wont.


61. The ice was not ______ to bear the weight of the men.

A. thick enough  B. thick as   C. too thick   D. enough sick


62. We wont be getting married until we ______ enough money.

A. will save  B. save    C. saved    D. have saved


63. You ______ us, for we could have come to help you.

A. should tell       B. should have told

C. would tell       D. would have told


64. ______ like candlelight for creating a romantic mood.

A. They are nothing      B. There are nothing

C. It is nothing       D. There is nothing


65. He suffered from poor eyesight and could ______ read properly.

A. no more  B. no longer   C. any more   D. any longer


66. The systems remain basically the same as ____ in use half a century ago.

A. those   B. that    C. ones    D. the one


67. Some people express their love through words, ______ others show their affection by giving presents.

A. when   B. where   C. while    D. for


68. When we give the children ice cream, they immediately ceased ______.

A. crying   B. to cry    C. to be crying  D. cry


69. I read the newspaper every day ______ I can stay informed about current events.

A. in that   B. so that   C. in case that  D. for fear that


70. ______ many days in the desert, the explorer was relieved when he eventually found water.

A. Before   B. During   C. Within   D. After


71. I didnt realize that I passed the exit on the highway until it was ______.

A. too late   B. a bit late   C. rather early  D. a bit early


72. The blue whale is ______ any other animal on earth.

A. no bigger than      B. as big as

C. the biggest of      D. bigger than


73. One of the basic rules of having a dog is that you ______ give it exercise every day.

A. will   B. can    C. may    D. must


74. This was the last week of school and they ______ for their finals.

A. prepare        B. were preparing

C. would prepare      D. have prepared


75. The car was stolen while ______ in a Paris Street.

A. parking   B. to be parking  C. parked   D. being parked